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Upper Park "The Trainer" Disc Golf Bag

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Product Description

The Upper Park Trainer bag looks like a long skinny gym bag. It's going to be your best friend when you go out to practice shots somewhere.

It holds up to 40 discs! Your standard big bag from a company may hold 25-30, but you may want that full 40 when you're out there practicing.

Have discs rolling around in the back of your car that you swap out? Put them all in the Upper Park Trainer bag and stop digging them out from under the seat.

The zippers is a double pull in the middle and the bag comes with separators that are moveable with Velcro so you can get your putters, mids, and drivers where you want them.

One excellent feature of this bag is the zippered pocket on the outside. It's thin and takes up about as much room as a domey putter. But you have a place to store your keys and phone that's secure while you're out there. It's also big enough if you wanted to put a rangefinder (excellent practice tool) in there as well.

The Upper Park Trainer is durable disc golf bag. It's got 2 pockets and that's all you need. No water bottle holder, no extra insulated place to stash goodies. It's going to hold those discs for you as you get your field work in.

They're great quality, great for storage, and something that serious disc golfers should look at having in their car.

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