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Upper Park "The Rebel" Disc Golf Bag

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Product Description

The Upper Park Rebel is an incredible disc golf bag. It features a dedicated putter and approach disc pocket up top for you to easily grab your go to discs. A main compartment to stack your discs sideways for easy finding and can hold plenty of discs.

The side pockets offer mesh pockets and plenty of space to store your valuables in a zippered pocket.

The zippers are YKK and the best you can get, they won't jam on you when you need to get discs out of your bag.

The drink holders on the sides hold large water bottles like a Nalgene. With small holes at the bottom for condensation to drip out, so get that water bottle ice cold for long rounds.

The handle on top of the bag is sturdy and strong. It's got a couple of clips on the sides so you can clip your bluetooth speaker, towel, or any other item you want to them.

Velcro tabs on the side of the bag give you a spot to put your Kwik Stick, umbrella, or stool. Those items that are a little big and clunky for a bag to hold.

The base has 5 nubs on the bottom of the bag which help with stability when you're leaning your bag on hills.

You're going to see more Upper Park disc golf bags on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. These Rebels work incredibly well for touring pros who want to stash lots of discs in their bag. You'll love the ease of access of that top pocket for your putters.

The sewing is top notch on these bags, and despite the relatively small size of the bag it holds lots of discs.

The back rest is comfortable and leaves a small room above the small of your back to let that air flow out and cool you down as you walk.

Yes 239 dollars is a lot of money for a disc golf bag. But if this is your big hobby it's great to have your discs with you every time you need them. This is an investment in your game, and it's going to last you for a very long time. Upper Park bags are made of quality stuff, from their extra elastic mesh pockets to the zippers, the bottom, or the material the bags are made from. Ask any disc golfer who has a Rebel how they feel about it.

  • Size: 21” tall, 22.5” tall (with handle), 17” wide, 19” wide (with water bottle pockets), 3.3lbs
  • The Rebel is Upper Park top-of-the-line pro touring bag with 30+ disc capacity and hundreds of verified 5-star reviews.
  • A top customer request. Onyx is known for grounding, protection, and as a shield against negative energy. It also enhances discipline, allowing more ease in following through on goals and completing tasks, like that par save in your future.
  • The Rebel Onyx is our first disc golf bag made with certified recycled materials - 100% recycled polyester main and accent fabrics. Why? Because we all care about our environment
  • The Rebel Onyx is rebuilt from the ground up with improved materials, stitching, and sustainability in mind.
  • Stronger sidewalls w pre-installed reinforcements
  • Larger round feet for even more stability
  • Strong and stable with a pre-installed base insert that simply folds down and tucks under corner flaps for security
  • Velcro areas on both water bottle pockets for patches

We guarantee our disc golf bags to be free from manufacturing defects. If one occurs, we will replace your bag with a brand new bag. Forever. Read more here.

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