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Upper Park The Pinch Pro Disc Golf Bags

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Product Description

The Upper Park Disc Golf Bag Pinch Pro is a slender bag. It's got plenty of room in the large center pocket to keep your favorite mids and drivers. With a dedicated hanging pouch for your go to discs.

It's relatively inexpensive compared to many other disc golf bags, but you still get lots of great features. The top has a sturdy handle to grab your bag with.

World famous YKK zippers mean that you're not going to have any trouble opening and closing those pockets where you keep your valuables.

Back padding is essential and the Upper Park Pinch Pro lets you have plenty for those long rounds.

The bottom has 4 round pegs to place the bag on to stop it from getting shifty. As well as a very durable layer to stop the wet ground from getting to your discs.

The side pockets on the Pinch Pro are zippered and leave lots of space for a rangefinder, mini, chalk bag, whatever you really need.

The bag holds about 20 discs. It's a little smaller for a backpack style, but if you have slender shoulders or don't want to carry that many discs you'll be very pleased.

The Pinch Pro lives up to the hype. It's made of high quality material and excellent for you to carry no matter where you play. If you want something that feels excellent and won't break the bank. Grab a Pinch Pro.

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