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SDG Whale Sac 4 Season Logo Disc Golf Bag Essential

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Product Description

The Whale Sac with the trainzwholesale 4 seasons logo is an essential part of your disc golf bag. If you're looking for dry hands that will lead to a more consistent and clean release, this is exactly what you're looking for.


Tie the tail of the whale through any loops on your bag and you won't have to reach into a pocket for it. This clay stone and powder filled bags will give you all the extra grip you need. Simply squeeze the sac and bounce it in your hand for some powder to coat your fingers and hand in that chalky stuff.


It's shaped like a whale, which is dope. We got these Sacs directly from Whale Sacs, who have used some of the money from each purchase to "adopt" a whale, an Orca named Fife. If you're rocking a whale sac, you care about the whales.


You can use this whale sac for disc golf, weight lifting, rock climbing, video games, any activities where you want to keep your hands nice and dry.

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