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DG Max Wax Disc Golf Bag Essential

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Product Description

DG Max Wax is designed with a singular purpose in mind. To improve your grip on a disc no matter the weather. It's perfect for getting a good tacky feel on your drivers so you don't have them slip from your hands. You can take away the sweat from your hands with a chalk bag, but what about all those times you need a little extra grip?

There are two options for the wax, the mini or the stick. The mini is the original and it's awesome for quick access. The stick is in a tube like chapstick. Easy to apply directly to a single finger at a time.

The DG Max Wax lasts for a long time and will be great if you keep it in the bag it comes in. That way none of the dirt from your bag gets all over the wax and onto your hand.

It's completely PDGA legal. The inventor of DG Wax Josh Ozuna set out to create a wax meant for grip, to not melt in normal temperatures, and to smell nice. In September of 2021 he perfected the recipe and has created a special design on it so you know that you're getting the real thing and not just surf wax. It's formulated to give you great grip every time you touch the disc.

This is a new product in the disc golf world and DG Max Wax is an original, and a great choice for your disc golf game. Prevent bad throws with this wax mini today. Get superior grip and be consistent on your drives.

It's affordable and lasts for a long time.

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