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DG Max Wax Snap Stick Winter Blend Disc Golf Bag Essential

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Product Description

Disc Golf Winter Wax is a fantastic way to keep that extra grip when it's cold outside. Firstly, it does smell great but please don't eat it. They even mention this on the bag.

This disc golf wax is designed specifically for the wintertime golf. You need a disc golf grip enhancer when your fingers are struggling to keep a good grip. Keep it in your bag and pull it out when you need it. At trainzwholesale we carry products that players want and that works. This stuff is excellent anytime you feel like you're not getting your full potential on drives in the wintertime.

Max Wax is the biggest name in disc golf wax. He initially tried using a surf wax but has developed two formulas to help players out in the summer and winter. It comes in both the mini and the snap stick.

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