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Discmania JetPack Gripeq BX3 Tour Bag Disc Golf Bags

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Product Description

The Discmania Jetpack BX3 is a sweet looking GRIP EQ disc golf bag. It's the same high quality and durable material that you've come to know and trust. This bag comes with extra sweet Discmania wings on the back and the sides. You can show your love for your favorite disc golf company while still getting one of the best bags in the game.

The shoulder straps are thick enough so they can handle you picking it up bruskly after you missed your line. You want a strap that's reinforced

The big compartment holds about 18 discs, but it depends on if you're holding all drivers or mids and putters as they take up more space.

You get 2 great water bottle holders on the side, lots of pocket space on the sides, especially with the extenders, and there are two zippered pockets up on top for your putters and valuables.

The BX3 is a great size for tournament players or casual folks. If you're not carrying 4-5 of the same driver and don't need to carry extra weight this bag is light. It's made from the best fabric for getting wet and not stinking when it dries. The workmanship and quality of Grip can't be overstated. The best test is to ask any Grip bag owner if they'd prefer another companies bag on their back. They won't.

Get the Discmania Jetpack BX3 and fill your bag with your favorite discs.

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