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Tee Box Sox Disc Golf Apparel

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Product Description

Tee Box Sox Disc Golf Apparel is an amazing collection of disc golf socks. If you're looking to step up your outfit game, then you need to be rocking these awesome socks. They're great for golfing or showing off at work.

Socks aren't a one size fits all. So we've got some different sizes, shapes, and patterns for all folks. Show off and be proud of your love for disc golf with baskets on your ankles. Don't be the only disc golfer out there not repping the sport.

We're currently carrying socks in the size:

Medium Men 5-9 / Women 6-10 

Large Men 9-13 /Women 10+

There are chains, cheetah prints, tie dye, clouds, baskets, and woods on different socks. Get whatever matches your personality. Socks can't be lucky forever, if you hit an ace while wearing a pair, please wash them!

The only thing you shouldn't do with these socks is have a disc hit you in the basket. That would leave quite the mark on your ankle.

trainzwholesale offers socks, shirts, and hats, as well as sweatshirts, and jackets. We're always getting in new clothing each season so be sure to check the rest of our website for the ultimate collection of disc golf swag.

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