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trainzwholesale Course Bag Tags Disc Golf Accessories

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Product Description

The trainzwholesale Course Bag Tags are the perfect disc golf accessories. You can show your love for each of our courses, the Eagle, Falcon, Hawk, and Owl. They have little numbers on the bottom of each of the tags, so if you're looking to play a bag tag challenge you can do that. We currently have 1-25 numbered tags for each of our 4 courses.

Bag tag challenges are when you play with someone and at the end of the round the person with the lower score takes the lowest tag number. Higher tags challenge the lower tags in hopes of getting the ultimate prize, the #1 tag. We don't offer any prize or special offers for winning the #1 tag, it's about pride.

But if you're interested in representing one of your favorite courses, we'd love that as well.

A plastic loop is included to wrap around your bag zipper and the bag tag. The tags measure 1.75" by 3.5".

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