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KnA Games Disc Golf Card Game Disc Golf Accessories

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Product Description

Ript Revenge from KnA Games is a disc golf card game that's designed to add an element of chaos to a game with friends.

You'll spend time creating new teepads on an existing course, carrying each other's bags, and putting with your eyes closed! Don't expect anyone to come away from a round of Ript Revenge with a good score, just good stories.

A fair bit of advice about this game is to a lot more time than a normal round, like an extra half an hour. Also if you get the "heckle" card make sure you and your friends all agree on what that means. To some it's loud noises, to others it's distractions like throwing a disc over you while you're driving.

Ript Revenge is a deck of 52 cards so if you're stuck on a backup hole you can always play a few hands of poker as well.

The instructions are very easy to learn and written on the cards. The worse you play, the more cards you get. The best disc golfer is usually the least likely to win this game, as they'll have lots of different rules to play by.

Ript will make an opponent out of a friend. It's a great time from the first tee pad to the last basket.

We also offer Ript Showdown which is another KnA Games Disc Golf Card Game special. This game forces players to pick a side before they start. You can either be good or evil. Good players get to use their cards defensively, blocking bad things from happening to them and saving shots. The evil/bad side gets to use their cards to force players to make different and difficult shots. Whichever side you pick, you'll have a good time. There is also an additional side that everyone can use, the lucky cards. These allow players to do all sorts of different special things to frustrate their opponents.

Ript Showdown is a wicked fun game that's sure to lead to great stories and terrible scores. It can be played by 2 players all the way up to 4. If you're playing this game make sure you allocate an extra half an hour or so because there's lots more to this round than a usual one.


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