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InZone Kwik-Stik XXL Hook Disc Golf Accessories

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Product Description

The InZone Kwik-Stik XXL Hook was made for disc golfers, by a disc golfer. If you've ever searched for a stick to pull your disc out of the water with, you're not alone. Disc retriever technology is really stepping up with the Kwik Stik XXL, it's longer and features a fantastic hooking system. It only weighs about a pound and a half and fits in so many bags. It's considered a must have in disc golf accessories. Yes, it's about the cost of 4 premium blend discs, but with how many discs you'll save, the Kwik Stick pays for itself.

This is the longest pole, extending to 18 feet long! With your arm reach added, and a little leaning, you can potentially reach discs that are 20 feet away. No longer do you have to say goodbye to a disc in the water, on the ice, or in a tree! Who cares about the mud and the thorn bushes now?

Simply screw on the yellow head provided and you're good to go. The complaint that the yellow head was in the way when not in use has been taken care of. Now when you're not using the Kwik Stik you can just retract the telescopic rod to 17 inches! And fold the yellow head down to the side.

This is a perfect gift for any disc golfer. It's so useful and will save the lives of many a disc from certain watery doom.
It's not overreacting to call the XXL the Rolls Royce of retrievers. It grabs your disc and pulls it out of the water efficiently but also with some style. Get one of these today while we still have them in stock!

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