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Innova Flow Umbrella Disc Golf Accessories

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Product Description

The Innova Flow Umbrella is a great way to keep the rain off your head when you're playing a round of disc golf. A great way to describe the size of this massive umbrella is to say that two strangers can share it, and it's not awkward.

It's square shape is easy to put down over your bag when you need to make your throw. And it keeps your bag from getting as wet on a rainy day. Every player knows that dry discs and dry hands are the difference when it comes to playing a round.

Check out all the cool patterns we're carrying and get something that can match your bag, or your favorite waterproof outfit.

You can't always play on sunny days, sometimes there's bad weather for disc golf. The Umbrella is an essential piece of equipment, that's why we have it in our disc golf accessories section here at trainzwholesale.

Have you ever looked at other golfers who have their umbrellas in their bags and you laugh at them? Then round 2 of your tournament you're getting soaked and their bags are dry. Well don't have that problem anymore, get good umbrellas here at a reasonable price and start staying dryer on those rainy days.


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