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Innova 2023 Tour Course Disc Golf Towel

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Product Description

The Innova Tour Towel is an amazing way to highlight some fantastic disc golf courses around the globe. These courses are sometimes on the Disc Golf Pro Tour, some not.

La Mirada, Winthrop Gold (Home of the EURGC/TPWDGC), North Cove, Wild Horse, Mauka, and Goat Hill are the courses featured on the waffle print towels.

Each of these comes with a loop that makes it easy to attach to your bag. Although you can still go out and get a carabiner if that's what works for you but it's not necessary.

These waffle print towels are exceptionally good at getting mud and dust off of discs. If you're playing a course that rained the day before or one that's very dry and dusty you'll really love the way the waffle print removes the dirt and mud.

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