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Discraft Disc Golf Towels

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Product Description

Discraft Disc Golf Towels are a must have item attached to your disc golf bag. At SDG we are carrying all 3 variants, the Paul McBeth, Paige Pierce, and the classic Buzzz.
The player towels feature the PM Paul McBeth logo and the PP Paige Pierce logo on the side as well as their body in awesome poses.

A towel is useful every single day on the course. If it rains or is muddy you can wipe the water and mud off of your disc. If it's hot out you can wipe the sweat from your hands and forehead. And if it's dusty you can get that off of your discs as well. These are perfect for removing whatever won't give you the best and most consistent throw possible.

These are microfiber towels made of 85% polyester and 15% Microfiber and have the waffle pattern on them. They come with a loop! So there is no need to purchase a carabiner to attach to your bag. Simply put the towel through the loop when it's around part of your bag and you're good to go.

They come in yellow (Paul), pink (Paige), and black (Buzzz). Make sure you get at least one for your bag this season.

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