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Bushnell EDGE Laser Disc Golf Rangefinder Disc Golf Bag Essential

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Product Description

The Bushnell EDGE Laser Disc Golf Rangefinder is a tool that's used by pro players to help them with their game. But it can also be used by amateur players with similar results. Just look, point, and shoot with your rangefinder and find out exactly how far away you are from the pin.

This is a great way to help your game not only on unfamiliar courses, but when you're out of position. With a little field work you can dial in your distances and be significantly more accurate out on the course.

The Bushnell Rangefinder is a big investment, like a bag or a basket. But it's going to help you dial in the distance like never before.

Remember that time you thought you were 230 feet away so you used a midrange and came up like 45 short so you had to lay up for par? Now you know the distance and you can up it to a fairway driver and execute your shot for birdieThat's the power of the Bushnell Rangefinder. Also, unlike their hunting or ball golf rangefinders you don't need to convert from yards to feet in your head because it's already measured in feet for you.
It can measure elevation so you don't make an inaccurate throw downhill. Technology has come a long way in disc golf and this is a fantastic choice so that you save lots of strokes.

Get an accurate measurement for your game and start converting those 50/50 par or birdie looks more often.

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