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BriggsiWare Single Putter Clips Disc Golf Accessories

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Product Description

The BriggsiWare Single Putter Clip is a fantastic new accessory for your disc golf cart. Imagine your putter being accessible at all times, right at your cart handle where you need them. These little clips easily attach to the standard 7/8" cart pole, allowing your putters to easily slip in and out, while still holding them securely during your rounds. The flexible 3D printed urethane is extremely durable and holds up very well to the rugged conditions we drag our carts through.


  • These clips fit a 7/8" pole only, which is the standard size of a Zuca® disc golf cart upper pole.
  • Lift your putter up from the bottom to release it from the clip. The clip will bend quite a bit, they are designed to do this.
  • Place your putter back into the clip firmly, you will feel it snap into the clip.
  • There will be friction on the face of your putter from the clip, this may cause marks on your putter.
  • These clips apply slight pressure to the face of the putter to hold it in place. If you use a putter that is in soft plastic with a floppy flight plate, these may not be the clips for you.
  • Make sure your putter clips are not deformed when storing them, always allow them to be at rest in their natural shape. They are made of plastic, and just like a disc, so please use the same precautions.
  • The plastic used to make the clips is Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU).

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