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Axiom Pro HD Disc Golf Basket

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Product Description

The Axiom Pro HD Disc Golf Basket is a high quality disc golf catching target. It's incredibly durable and ready for chain banging action. You know Axiom for their amazing baskets but the PRO HD is a little more heavy duty than before. These won't blow over as easily on windy days. And they can take a hard putt no questions asked.

These are available in a variety of colors Lime Green, Royal Blue, Orange, and Red. These powder coatings make the basket ready for whatever weather throws at it, and they really stick out in a landscape.

Each basket is PDGA regulation height and has 12 inner and 12 outer chains. Here's the kicker, each one of these baskets can be broken down in under 1 minute. You can spike it down when you find a permanent place but this basket is also designed for those on the go. Axiom has made a truly great heavy duty, transportable, metal basket. Put it in your car or truck and take it to the field to work on shots or keep it at home in the yard. The best way to get better is to invest in a basket for home.

Note: Baskets will not ship Internationally.

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