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TSA Animus Blend Sublimated Jersey Disc Golf Apparel

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Product Description

The ThoughtSpace Athletics Animus Sublimated Jersey is smooth, stretchy, and very fashionable. The snake envelopes the front of the shirt with its tongue flicking out in excitement. The snake is divided in color lines, with the green showing flowers, leaves, and mushrooms and the purple scales. Animus runs up on the right side of the shirt with a black background, and the right side features a reptile scale pattern. The back features a black background on the right and scales on the left. There's a purple TSA flower logo as well. The bright purple cuffs of the shirt sleeve give it a sleek look.


Many of the TSA Jersey's we've recommended buying a size bigger than usual but this is a different material. It's made to be stretchy and give you a greater range of shoulder movement. It's still very soft and breatheable. This is excellent for wearing when you're outside and want garments that stay dry even if you sweat a little bit in them. Wear this for sports, for looking good when you're playing a round, or just in public to signal other disc golfers to talk with you.

Instructions for washing the garments.

According to the tags on the back to wash the Animus Jersey use cold water. Do not bleach. Do not Iron. Line dry is the best way to dry this shirt.

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