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InZone Kwik-Stik Mini Hook Disc Golf Accessories

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Product Description

The Kwik Stik Mini Disc Golf Retriever is a great tool for retrieving discs. This telescopic rod collapses into an 18 inch pole when not in use. It's perfect to store in any backpack style golf bag.

When fully extended the Kwik Stick Mini extends to 10 feet long so you can get discs out of the water, mud, or knock it out of a tree. It's true length is realized when you use your arms to give you another couple of feet. There have been many disc golf retrieving apparatuses but this one is small and functions perfectly every time. For about the price of 3 premium plastic discs you can make sure that you always have a pole ready whenever you play near water.

We also carry the Kwik Stik XL which extends to 18 feet (compare to mini at 10 feet) and all our customers have been pleased with all InZone products we carry in the store. These are reliable and do exactly what they claim to do. When you're fishing around in the water pull the disc towards the bank and get it there, it's easier than trying to scoop.

So save yourself time looking for a stick and then another because this one broke or is too short. Buy a Kwik Stik Mini, put it in your bag and be the hero on your card.

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