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Innova Mountain Fleece Hoodie Disc Golf Apparel

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Product Description

The Innova Mountain Fleece Hoodie is exactly what you're looking for when it's cold outside. This sweatshirt offers a wide range of movement in the shoulders, moisture wicking in the hood, and enough material to keep you warm when you're out there chucking plastic.

Disc golf is a year round sport that takes place in all sorts of weather, from those cold morning rounds to the late evening ones. And you need something that can be comfortable to play in as well as something that looks good. It has a soft inside so you can wear this with short sleeves and feel fine, or you can wear longsleeves and this for extra warmth.

The Innova Mountain Fleece Hoodie is lightweight and built for performance and comfort. The mountain logo with the Innova brand name is a beautiful combination. We carry these sweatshirts in 3 different colors, Black, Cardinal, and Navy so pick the one you like!

At SDG we love Innova products. They're made from high quality fabric and we know that they last a while. In Maine we get chilly weather and these are perfect for those days when you want to be able to play a round of disc golf and not be inhibited by a big bulky coat. It's not going to be what you wear in the cold windy days of winter. But this sweatshirt is perfect for a chilly morning, or the cool days of Spring and Fall.

If you're in the market for something awesome to wear that shows your love of disc golf, looks great, and will keep you warm. You've found it! Snag one of these awesome sweatshirts today.

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