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Innova INNmold Big Kahuna Ultimate Sport Disc Golf

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Product Description

The Innova INNmold Big Kahuna Ultimate Disc is designed for throwing around and playing catch with. Kahuna means wise man or shaman.

At 200 grams it's a big disc that's designed to fight the wind and carry if you can get it up to speed. While it's a PDGA approved disc golf disc, most folks are going to store this in their car and pull it out on the beach or at the park.

The stamp features a tiki face that's got fire coming out of the top, there's wood, and wave spirals around the outside. The INNmold Kahuna has a ribbed thumbtrac on the top of the disc to give you extra grip even if you have pruney fingers from swimming all day.

Snag one of these and start playing catch, fetch, or any other game where you need a heavweight disc.

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