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Innova Adventure Backpack 2.0 Disc Golf Bag

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Product Description

The Innova Adventure Backpack 2.0 Disc Golf Bag is a perfect bag for folks who are looking for their first great disc golf bag. Backpacks offer more space than over the shoulder bags of the 90's. The Innova Adventure Backpack 2.0 features better padding and a larger opening for your discs than the original.

The bag holds about 25 discs, it depends on how many drivers or putters you throw in there. There's also a ton of room for accessories. With a water bottle pocket that's perfect even for those big INNsulated ones.

You want to know why to buy this though right? With all the other backpacks out there, what makes this one special?

It provides great durability, it's low weight (which you pick up each time you throw), and it's affordable. You can use this backpack for years and it will get your discs, snacks, and other accessories from Hole 1 to Hole 18. All for the low cost of about 3 premium plastic discs. Don't sleep on the Innova Adventure Backpack 2.0, it's awesome.

Note: This bag will not ship Internationally.

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