Why You Matter to trainzwholesale

Thank you for visiting trainzwholesale, we’re glad you’re here! Without you we couldn't make all of this possible. Our whole goal is to get you the discs you want, in the color you want, with the weight and plastic that works for you. We receive lots of request on things we can change or improve upon and we listened to give YOU the best online shopping experience you deserve for all things disc golf.

We have reviews on the discs, to help you understand the flight of these discs we show flight paths for those who are more visual learners.

We want to give you one on one attention for the best disc golf disc online shopping experience. We are asked different questions daily, and asked ourselves what can we do for you with those questions? Is a specific disc your viewing flat, how is the profile, can you send me a pictures, or does this specific disc pop, are some of the top inquiries. We listened to you and have created a special feature to help you with your questions by providing an in person interaction from home with live chat and video calling.

If you have any questions you can reach out to us. We’ve added a live chat feature if you have a specific request, and you can even request a video call with a team member to make sure you’re getting what you need. The video call allows us to ask additional questions to help you meet your throwing needs with the best recommendations or show you the product in person.

You called or emailed us how the postal service crammed your disc into the mailbox and it is now bent. Your shopping experience is important to us from start to finish that you receive what you are expecting. We went a step above and ship all discs in a box. Why?

1. It’s not going to bend as easily. Unless you’ve got a 1000 rated mailman they’ve probably bent your disc before when stuffing it into your mailbox. That’s a bogey. But with boxes they retain their shape much more frequently they have to deliver to your door.
2. It’s so much better for the environment. As part of the 1% For The Planet project and nature lovers, we’re dedicated to helping preserve the planet for future generations. 

You asked us, does a specific disc foil shimmer? Does the disc have any swirls? Do you have a specific color in the mold your shopping?

We take individual pictures for each of the discs for you, so the disc you see on your phone/computer is the exact foil, color, and weight that we will send to your door.

You asked why do I click on the picture and the option isn't filling the box to add to cart? I received the wrong disc, I thought I was getting this one?

We have made shopping easier, scroll through the images, click on any image to automatically fill in your selection for adding to the cart. This also expedites your shopping experience for those hot disc releases.

We try hard to keep our pricing low for you. As disc golfers ourselves we know that purchasing backups of premium discs and paying for shipping can get expensive. That’s why we have a rewards program, free shipping over 65 dollars (excludes international & doesn't contain any larger, heavy items), and we never charge outrageous prices for discs.