I’m new to disc golf

It can be tempting to want to try a variety of discs, including high speed ones.  But until a player develops a feel for throwing disc golf discs, it is better to focus on learning two or three.  Innova’s DX 3 Pack Starter Set is available here on our site.  Additional great options for new players include Aviar, Polecat, Stingray, Shark, Leopard,and Eagle.

Some of the best disc golf discs for children are discs weighing 135 grams to 150 grams. Some kids are amazing and can throw all sorts of speeds, but as a rule will want to throw lighter discs. Putters are a safe option to start them out on because the high glide will get them distance and won't punish them for lack of speed. Great starter puttes would include the Innova Birdie and Polecat in the DX Plastic.

A driver is used for teeing off and long fairway drives.  Midrange discs are for the shots that fall between the drives and putts.  A putt and approach disc for just that – putting, and if needed – approaching.  New players have options; they can start with just one multipurpose disc or a small set, typically consisting of a driver or two, a midrange, and a putter.  Many established players will carry a variety of discs in the three primary categories for a range of driving, approaching, and putting situations.

A new player seeking a midrange with a reliable flightpath may like the Shark, Mako3, Atlas, and Wombat.

Predictably straight flying putters such as the Polecat, Birdie, Dart, and Nova are suggested for beginners, as well as the Aviar.

The weight in grams are shown on the bottom of each disc golf disc.  The abbreviation of the disc model is also indicated.  Go to our Disc Golf Glossary to find the meaning of the letters that appear on the bottom of your discs.

For most new players, DX plastic is the best choice.  Not only is it the least expensive plastic, as it wears it becomes easier to throw.  If you’re looking for a disc that will maintain the aspects of its flight longer, try Star, GStar, or Champion plastics. As you progress as a player you'll want these for drivers, they tend to hit the trees at a higher speed than other discs and may take small chunks out as you get better.  Each blend offers its own advantage in different situations.  Our website has an in-depth Plastic Types Overview for info on each line’s advantages and drawbacks.