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SDG Mini Marker Knee Saver Disc Golf Accessories

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Product Description

We've got a knee saver for you! Disc Golf is all about putting, and this will help you feel more comfortable while you're getting into position for a tricky one.

Have you had to putt under a branch or some other obstruction and put your towel down only to feel a rock dig into your knee? If you haven't, it stinks. This pad fits in your bag, your pocket, or inside your mini!

These fit inside your standard mini, so flip it upside down and put that knee saver in so you can make your putt. It's totally PDGA legal to use as a mini on its own. The foam is squishy and soft and depresses easily so it's form fitting for your knee. Players of any skill level can use it, and when you're under a tree or in rocks you'll wish you had one. Snag it now and get yourself some comfort and balance, practice with it, hit more putts, and mark your lie as well.

We've got our trainzwholesale four seasons logo on it, because you can come play here any season.

Dimensions: 3-1/4"

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