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ProPull Disc Golf Resistance Band Trainer

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Product Description

The ProPull's complete training kit is designed to help you develop more arm speed and acceleration, giving you greater distance down the fairway. Using resistance bands and a specially designed disc exactly as you would on the course, you strengthen your grip and train your body to increase acceleration in the exact angles and positions related to your individual throwing motion. The simple design and easy set up allows you to use the ProPull whenever and wherever it works for you. Use it for warming up before a day on the course, as a training tool to help work on your form, or keep your form and strength top notch during the off season. trainzwholesale is proud to be the exclusive Maine dealer of the ProPull.

Endorsed By: Dave Feldberg, Philo Brathwaite, KJ Nybo

Easy set up for indoor or outdoor use.

ProPull™ Kit Includes:
• ProPull™ Training Disc
• 5 & 8 lb Resistance Bands
• Beefy Carabiners
• Door Anchor for Inside Use
• Tree Strap for Outside Use
• Safety Strap
• 13” X 11” Durable Carry Bag (Orange)

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