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Meep Meep Bluetooth Disc Locator Disc Golf Accessories

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Product Description

The Meep Meep is a fantastic way to keep track of your favorite disc when you can't locate it.

Simply clean your disc, carefully attach your sticker to the MeepMeep and then attach it to the disc. Download the app while you wait for the adhesive to stick. Then in a couple days you're good to throw. Please follow all instructions on the packaging.

Old disc golf trackers failed because they were too expensive, beeped constantly, and affected the flight of the disc in a very negative way.

The MeepMeep only beeps when you tell it to. The app has a button you press and it will make the disc make noise. You can have multiple discs with a Meep Meep Tracker, and select the one you can't find to ring. You're able to hear a faint ringing within 75 feet.

The tracker does weigh 7 grams and that extra weight will add additional stability to the disc.

If you're someone who struggles to find discs in the dark, spends a lot of time bushwhacking off the fairway, or just loses discs. The Meep Meep! is a great choice for you to keep your discs in your bag.

Losing a disc hurts, not just your wallet but it's emotional. You know how we've all searched for that disc that seems to have disappeared into thin air? Then had to give up because it was getting dark or someone had somewhere to be and we didn't want to keep the group waiting? Eliminate that with Meep Meep trackers.

*At this time Meep Meep! trackers are NOT PDGA LEGAL. If you're competing in a tournament you're not able to use discs with the Meep Meep attached. That may change in the future.


  • The connected app allows you to set off an alarm with a single tap. Tap again to stop it. No extra fluff.

  • Playing with multiple discs? Customize your lineup and alarm tunes when playing with multiple MeepMeep trackers at once. Easily swipe between discs and set off alarms.

  • Adheres to the underside of any standard disc


Specs per Tracker:

  • Weight: 7 g (0.25 oz)

  • Dimensions: 48 mm x 48 mm x 5 mm (1.9 in x 1.9 in x 0.2 in)

  • Range: up to 12 m (40 ft), depending on battery level and obstructions

  • Battery: uses 1 CR2016 coin battery (batteries not included)


What's Included - 5 sets of:

  • 1 tracker

  • 3 adhesive donuts

  • 1 alcohol wipe

  • Paired app, compatible with iOS or Android

  • Batteries included

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