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Innova Tour Course Disc Golf Towel

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Product Description

The Innova Tour Course Disc Golf Towel features one of four iconic disc golf scenes.

The Black Towel displays the Las Vegas Challenge.

The Yellow Towel displays the EURGC.

The Green Towel displays the Beaver State Fling at Milo.

AAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD The Red Towel features your very own trainzwholesale! This is a shot of Hole 4 on our Hawk Course. This was the winning picture taken by our very own Angela Lebel.

A Towel is one of the most essential tools a disc golf player can have in their bag. It dries your disc on rainy days, it gets mud off the disc, and can be put down on the ground for those on your knee putts. A cool feature of these is the loop that's been added on top. This way you don't need to spend extra money on a carabiner to attach it to your bag.

These towels are not just a great accessory, they're also art. You might need two towels to get through a round so you can have different scenes as well.

So go get one of these beautiful accessories and attach it to your bag or cart. You won't be disappointed.

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