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Innova Fairway Tri-Blend Performance Jersey Disc Golf Apparel

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Product Description

The Innova Fairway Tri-Blend Performance Jersey is awesome Disc Golf Apparel. It's very comfortable to wear casually or if you're playing a round of disc golf. It's what you're looking for in the summer when it's hot out, with wicking tech so you can feel cool and not drenched in sweat. Innova has had the tri-blend t-shirt out for awhile but this takes the performance to the next level so you have better movement in the shoulder region. If you need a patent pending shot or a swooping hyzer flip you'll be able to do that disc golf shot in this shirt.

There are so many different color and size options! Make sure to see them all before you pick. We offer Royal Heather, Red Heather, Navy Heather, Black, Orange Heather, and Electric Blue Heather.

Innova has attached their logo to these shirts so you know that they're made with high quality in mind. At 30 dollars a shirt this is much more than just a shirt, it's a comfortable and stylish piece of athletic gear for you to wear whenever you're out for a round or just want something that fits nicely.

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