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Innova Air Force Flex Pullover Hoodie Disc Golf Apparel

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Product Description

The Innova Air Force Flex Pullover Hoodie is premium disc golf apparel. It's the in between long sleeve shirt and heavy sweatshirt you've spent years searching for. You want something with plenty of movement in the shoulder and chest area for your throws, but you also want it to be warm enough on chilly-ish days.

It's soft on the outside and inside and comes with a moisture wicking hood as well. You'll feel comfortable in it and not overly warm or cold. It comes in four different colors, Black, Carbon, Maroon, and Navy. So make sure you pick out the perfect one for you.

This really was designed perfectly for a round of disc golf. You get all the performance you want and you look fashionable in an Innova brand AirForce logo on your chest. This is the perfect choice for Fall or Spring and anytime the wind picks up.

Don't be caught without a way to keep warm during your rounds of disc golf. Snag one of these lightweight performance sweatshirts and get out there on the course!

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