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Discmania Kyle Klein Signature Jersey Disc Golf Apparel

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Product Description

The Discmania Kyle Klein Signature Jersey is awesome disc golf apparel. After a couple of very successful seasons Kyle has made his way up to the Sky Team and has earned his own jersey. It features those majestic mountains and trees that Kyle can throw over. One of the really cool features of this shirt is that you're supporting Kyle as he tours the world crushing discs. You look good and at the same time you're showing off you care about the disc golf community.

If you're looking for a way to look amazing and be able to play disc golf at the same time these jersey's are it. They're designed by ThoughtSpace Athletics so you know they're very high quality.

Follow these steps to wash your jersey.

To ensure product longevity, please consider and follow the instructions below:

- Warm/Cold water wash- Keep water temperatures under 86 degrees Fahrenheit. 

- Garments that are stained due to grass or playing conditions should be washed immediately to avoid stains from drying and setting. Leaving garments in kit bags will cause odors and possibly permanent stains.

- Extremely stained garments should be pre-soaked with regular detergent or non-bleach based stain removers, then rinsed in cold water, and washed immediately after without allowing the garments to dry in between stages.

- Air dry and/or hang dry garments- tumble dry on low heat if absolutely necessary.

- Socks and/or any dye-knitted garments separately. Washing with lighter colored sublimated items in particular, could cause dye migration from socks to sublimated item.

- Do not Iron

- Avoid abrasive surfaces- Do not wash with equipment, and take special precaution to avoid Velcro in particular.

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