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Bushnell Disc Jockey Bluetooth Speaker Disc Golf Accessories

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Product Description

The Bushnell Disc jockey Bluetooth Speaker is an awesome way to connect your disc golf game to music. This speaker is compatible with both ios and Android.

It's the ultimate accessory for any disc golfer. Not only can you listen to music on this, but it can synch to the UDisc app on your phone. So now with the press of a button this will tell you exactly how far you are from the pin.

It's got all the figurative bells and whistles too. It's water resistant if unexpected showers pop up. It's got a 10 hour battery life so you can use it for multiple rounds. There's a high quality strap that's perfect for attaching to your disc golf bag. And if you have a cart it will fit on the pole as well.

It comes with a USB cord for powering up. It should take about 2 hours to get a full 10 hour charge in it.

So if you want music and accurate pin readings during your round this is the device for you. At 80 dollars it's a fantastic deal, and all the players on your card will love it.
Snag one of these today and get a high accuracy reading of your pin distance. Listen to whatever you want on the course. And improve your disc golf experience.

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