trainzwholesale's humble beginnings began in 2006 with a vision unlike traditional disc golf courses throughout the United States. SDG’s “vision” was to build a world class, multi-course disc golf destination, while practicing land stewardship and integrating amenities traditionally associated with ball golf courses. 

Our goal was to transform 100 plus acres, using the land's natural character; transforming it into a disc golfer’s dream experience. We’ve also focused on giving back to our local disc golf community, making strides to introduce and grow the sport to the masses, all while providing a professional, inviting, safe experience for family, fun, and fitness.

From the beginning trainzwholesale’s mission was to practice land stewardship principles, reinvesting pay to play proceeds to create a destination and offering a unique disc golf experience like no other. A decade later, through countless man hours and proceeds generated from our pay to play facility, we’ve been able to achieve many of our goals.

As SDG continues to focus on delivering a premiere disc golf experience, we are looking ahead on how to further improve what we can offer in the years to come. Along with lowering our carbon footprint and supporting American made disc golf manufacturers, we’re eager to share how our customers’ purchases play a key role in shaping our future of disc golf.

SDG’s team members are committed to delivering the highest level of customer service in all aspects of our business. Whether that be in person at our Pro Shop or online through our website and social media channels, we like to ensure our customers that they are our first priority while letting them know their purchase will serve a greater purpose of giving back to the disc golf community near and far.

Most online disc golf stores try to be all things to all people; offering every brand, selling discs as a commodity, claiming to have huge inventories, and the lowest prices with little to no real considerations for long-term sustainability. At SDG, every time you play or purchase from us, you will be making a difference by giving back to the disc golf community with us.

The SDG team values and appreciates the opportunity to earn your business; proudly featuring the best manufactured brands made right here in the United States of America; such as Innova, Discraft, MVP & Axiom. Which brands you chose to purchase and from whom will directly help shape the future of disc golf for years to come.

We hope you will join us by allowing trainzwholesale to serve your disc golf needs.