Paul McBeth wearinga  pink shirt putts into a disc golf basket at the 2018 DGLO for a score of -18.

Top 8 Filmed Disc Golf Shots That Changed The Game

These are some of the most iconic shots in the history of disc golf (in my opinion). They in some way influenced the game. Many of these shots will be fairly recent as we’ve really only been able to consistently watch disc golf for the last decade. I encourage people to record disc golf and I know that with the level of interest and support we already have, it’s going to continue to grow.

What makes a shot great? It could be the level of difficulty, the moment, what it meant to the sport, if it inspired others. This isn’t entirely a list of aces, although most people would consider those the greatest shot possible in disc golf. I haven’t put these into any order, they’re all great shots in their own right.

1. Nate Doss’s Ace.
Some people may know Nate from his commentating on the Disc Golf Network. I remember him as 3X world champion who I believe was the first to get disc golf on ESPN. This shot at the 2015 Memorial is incredible. I mean to start the final round 3X Nate Doss threw a 390 foot ace. Sure the follow flight is a little wobbly, but thanks to Pam Vaughn for capturing this moment. As we celebrate the DGPT working with ESPN to show disc golf on television, remember that Nate Doss was a pioneer to get us on tv. It also led to a signature stamped Z-Line Nuke.
2. James Conrad Throw in.
Yeah you knew this was coming. We all put pressure on ourselves in the backyard when playing sports, pretending to be playing for a world title on your last putt. But to actually have to throw it in, to tie THE 5X himself Paul McBeth for the world title? Every time I watch this I get chills. MVP released a statement that just the commemorative disc for this shot was bigger than their 2019 sales. It’s called the best shot in the history of disc golf, and it’s true. I like that someone pointed out to me that no one in the crowd is cheering, they’re just absolutely losing their minds.
3. Philo’s Albatross.
This shot still makes its way around the internet every once in a while. People mistake it for an ace, but it’s even more impressive as an albatross. It made the highlight shows, it’s made its way onto reddit on multiple subs, it inspired a special stamp as well. Philo talks about how it changed his life. People who don’t play disc golf would send this to me years later. “Have you seen this? OMG”. This went viral and I got to see how many people disrespect disc golf in comment sections for the first time.
4. Simon Lizotte Eagle at 2017 GBO
This shot is so far, and with such a small landing zone. Simon went full send on this shot. Since this, they’ve changed the hole and moved the basket further left and now the shot is basically impossible. The commentators, crowd, and cardmates are in shock at how impressive this is. I think it’s important because it was innovative. Once one player does something others will find a way to copy that line. Simon’s idea changed the way this course is laid out in the future so that big throwers don’t do this every time.
5. Hailey King’s putt to win the 2020 DGPT Championship in a playoff.
If you’ve played at any competitive level of disc golf you’ve probably thought to yourself “this putt is worth X bucks.” Whether it’s playing for 5 bucks or 100 dollars, it adds a little bit of pressure. The FPO winner would receive 20,000 dollars prize money for winning. The biggest prize in disc golf history for first place, ever. Hailey executed the hole perfectly but was still left with a 22-25 footer. This more than doubled her career earnings up to that point. In 2021 the DGPT Championships has grown the winnings to $30,000 so if there’s another 22-25 footer it will have even more pressure.
6. Paul’s putt for -18 at DGLO in 2018.
People usually birdie at least one hole during a round, Paul did it 16 times and Eagled once. This putt for 18 down was a long tester, and not during a peak McBeth season. He hadn’t won any of the last 3 worlds (I know what a slouch). He was the first to shoot -18 in a single round on a championship course. He’s done it since, and others will do it in the future. But Paul proved that perfection is possible.
7. Kevin Jones Falling Ace
This was very early on in the GK Pro skins filmed matches, the 9th one made and I think it kind of put Skins matches on the map. This solidified that watching pros have fun outside of regular competition was something that tens of thousands of people would watch. The first few videos would get 17-50 thousand views, and now the videos hit that number of views by Wednesday (they come out each Tuesday). It also still gets sent to me somewhat regularly by family members who know I work at a disc golf course “Have you seen this?”.
8. Birgitta Lagerholm’s tap in.
There have been world championships since 1982/1983 for disc golf. Only one has been won by someone who wasn’t from North America. While Birgitta took 571 strokes to win, the last shot is important. She gave hope to everyone outside the US, that anyone could win a world title. As we see players like Tattar, Salonen, Blomroos, Lizotte, Paju, Tamm, and Nieminen. They’ll look to follow in her footsteps to bring a world championship to their home countries. If disc golf is to ever be an Olympic sport, you’d better hope one of them wins.

These are some of the most famous shots that I can think of. Not the best ones necessarily, as others are more technically beautiful. Just ones that have influenced the game in some way.

Have you seen all of these shots before? Are there any that I missed?

May your discs miss all the trees,
Andrew Streeter #70397

Streeter (PGDA #70397 )

He started disc golfing in 2011 and instantly fell in love with the flight of a disc. He has a degree in Sports Management from the university of Southern Maine and has been blogging for SDG since 2020, He writes about informational disc golf content editorials, and disc golf entertainment.

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