FAQ's for SDG

FAQ's for SDG

Long blog ahead. But we get plenty of questions here at trainzwholesale pretty much every day. I’m hoping that some of these may answer some questions, or open up new ones for you.

Before you go in. There is no timetable on Course #5. The name hasn’t been decided. No updates that you can’t find on our Facebook. No ETA for a front or back. Believe me, I’m more excited than you are to get out there and rip plastic on a new SDG course. As I get an update on any of that I’ll be the biggest gossip around and share it.

1. What’s a good score on the Hawk?

My 10 years of camp counselor experience kicks in here. “Whatever score you got is a good score.” It’s a longish course at 6500 feet, and the pars are very forgiving if you can throw more than 250 feet consistently. The course record is a 47, that’s question 1A usually. A good score is whatever you can achieve. It’s different based on age, and skill level. I can go by the ratings of the most recent tournament. A 53 was a 998 rated round on the Hawk. Players from other states tend to shoot better on the Hawk, but you have to remember that if they’re traveling for disc golf, they’re already committed players. I think anything in the 40’s is incredible, low to mid 50’s is solid, and 60’s shows dedication to getting better.

2. I need a new putter, what do you recommend?

Find one you like by trying a bunch out. If you have a friend, try theirs out. My buddy Drew and I purchased a 10 putter misprint pack from Discraft several years ago and tried out all of those molds. My big recommendation is to stick to baseline plastics as they catch chains better. And always buy two of them so you can practice when you miss. Every hand is different, both in size and what we like the feel of. It may take you a handful of putters to find one you like. I’m a Rainmaker in the D-Line Flex 3 plastic thrower, we’ll see if I have to make a change when I get my hands on the new molds.

3. When are you guys going to host a tournament?

Oh, I like this question. We did host a tournament in October 2019. After that… well Covid made it impossible in 2020. So as a team, SDG decided in October 2020 that we would not host any tournaments in 2021 because we didn’t know if there would be a vaccine or when. We focused on many other things instead. Hopefully with the addition of the new course (No ETA) we will begin to host more tournaments. Update on the new course, grass has been seeded on some of the new holes, teepads have arrived, and we’re continuing to work on it. We just hosted a flex start in 2022, and that worked well so there’s a chance we go for that again.

4. When I buy a disc online is it the actual picture of the disc?

Yes. At SDG we’re sometimes a day behind other companies or pro shops who release discs. That’s because we take time to photograph every disc, assign it a color and a number. We do this so the picture you’re looking at of a disc is the exact one you’ll be getting.


    Check out this XT Nova. This disc existed in our store. We start with the weight, it’s 175 grams (listed on the back of the disc by Innova.) Since weight is pretty important to flight we list it first for folks. Then we label the color of most discs and this one is Violet/Moss. We give these discs two colors because the overmolds have 2 colors Plate & Rim. The 2-7-1 tells us which disc it is exactly, because sometimes stamps are different colors  even if the flight plate and rim are the same. If you were to order this disc on the website, I would pull this disc for the order and it will to ship you. Or, you can now tap on any image in the image bar under the larger photo and it will automatically fill in the information for the matching image. Just confirm the quantity, select add to cart for faster service.
    We do this so that you get the weight, color, and stamp that you want. Nothing is worse than expecting a brand-new beautiful disc and getting something different.

    5. How do I know I’m ordering the right disc?

    Great question! To make sure that you’re getting the exact disc you want please use the drop-down menu next to the discs. Select the weight, and then the color. Your phone/computer will take you to that specific disc right away.

    Or, you can scroll the images under the larger photo, tap on any image and the information will automatically fill in, confirm your quantity and select to add to cart. You can always call if you have any questions.

    6. When do you guys send a diver in on Hole 8 of the Eagle?

      We don’t. Prior to trainzwholesale becoming the disc golf course you guys know and love, it was farmland. From discussions with the owner, the reason we don’t send someone down there is because there’s metal in the pond. Because we don’t know where or how much we don’t send a diver in. Sometimes heavy rains push the discs to the edge. There are plenty of discs that go in, and some people bring them out which is discouraged for safety reasons. To those who go in, thank you for returning them. To my brother who threw my perfectly seasoned Prodigy pink 400 D1 into the middle of the pond, I expect a replacement disc, Dalton.
      My recommendation is to lay up to the base of the pond if you’re worried about losing a disc. We also sell floating discs like the DX Dragon or R-Pro Wahoo in the pro shop.

      7. Does trainzwholesale allow dogs?

        We have a policy in place and recommend you call first. If you’re looking for a dog friendly course nearby, I recommend Devils Grove about 7 minutes away.

        8. Does SDG offer rentals?

        Yes! We’ve got rentals available at the price of 2 dollars per disc. We offer putters, mid ranges, and fairway drivers. The Aviar, Shark, and the Leopard. We do limit the course options you may play with rentals, as the Falcon and Eagle are close to water and folks have lost them in the past. But you’ll have a blast on the Hawk or Owl course with them.

        9. Do you offer lessons, and how much?

        Yes, we do. Lessons are between 30 and 75 dollars per person and take from 45 minutes to a couple of hours. You can click the Lessons link on our page for lots of info about it.

        10. Do you charge walkers?

        Nope! If you have a significant other, friend, parent, sibling, or whomever that wants to enjoy the woods and your company but isn’t chucking plastic, they are free to walk with you at no charge. Maybe you can even convince them to keep score or caddy for you.

        11. Can we snowshoe/fish/forage on this property if we pay the day pass rate?

          Sorry no. Sabattus is a disc golf only place. I’ve never seen a fish worth catching here in our streams (and believe me I’ve looked). Mushrooms seem to grow where the disc golfers go and you’re more than welcome to take a picture if you like. But we ask that you leave them there to grow and be part of the ecosystem. Thanks, 😊

          12. Are you guys’ open year-round?

          Yes! As of the last three winters we’ve remained open. We update our hours on google or feel free to call us. The Hawk and the Owl are the only courses we keep open in the winter. The Falcon and Eagle are too steep and would present challenges if a rescue was needed. This is entirely weather dependent! So we may be forced to close for a day or two if there’s a storm. We try to keep the teepads clear and paths groomed. If you need information about disc golf in the snow here’s a blog about winter disc golf.

          13. What’s your alcohol policy?

          The number one suggestion from players for years was to have beer at SDG. We’ve gotten a license and can sell two cans per transaction (per state law). Since we offer multiple beers, seltzers, and ciders on the premises it is against the law to bring your own. It’s convenient and we keep it priced relatively inexpensive. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or ask whoever is working at the front desk. This year we doubled our offering and currently have 16 different beers, 6 ciders, 5 seltzers, and 2 malt beverages. Between $2.31 and $5.

          14. How do you get started in disc golf?

          If you’re nearby, stop in and someone in our pro shop will be happy to help you get started. If you’re online, a starter pack is one of the best options. These baseline discs are how many players get their feet wet in the disc golf world. You can get a putter, mid, fairway and distance driver for about 30 dollars. An Aviar, Shark, and Leopard are all you need to play a round. Take them out to your local course and poke around on YouTube looking for instructional videos like these.

          15. What’s a good forehand disc?

          Here’s a blog about some great discs to try for forehand. If you’re looking for how to develop a forehand here’s a blog on how to get started. When you’re here you can ask anyone working and they’ll be able to help answer your questions as well.

          16. Do you require tee times?

            No, we do not. We instituted them for a few months in 2020 during covid restrictions as the state mandated it. Now you can now just show up anytime we’re open and come in to pay then play. Last tee off is 1 hour before sunset as we ask that players are off the course by dark.

            17. What are the course records?

            As far as I know these are the course records. You can also check UDisc all time to see if anyone has bested them.
            Hawk, 47 - Josh Seeley, Simon Lizotte.
            Falcon, 44 - Chris Pelletier.
            Eagle, 50 - Kyle Klein, Paul McBeth.
            Owl, 17- Lots of players.

            18. What is the straightest flying disc out there?

              The straightest flying discs are ones that have minimal turn and fade. Discs like the Mako3 and TL3 from Innova have worked well. The straightest flyers will be slower speed discs because distance drivers require so much more power and speed to get going that they twist and turn. A putter may be your best bet for a straight flyer.

              19. Can I field test some of these discs and bring them back if I don’t like them?

              Unfortunately, we can’t do that. Sabattus doesn’t sell used discs, even lightly used or thrown in a field. So, once it’s been thrown or inked, we can’t accept returns. What we can do is check and see if there’s any in our demo bin. We’ve got a decent selection of demo discs behind the counter you can try. I also suggest trying friends' discs. I regularly let people throw my discs during casual rounds or during lessons. Watching people on the internet is good but nothing compares to throwing a mold yourself.

              20. Can I buy some of your lost and found discs?

              Sorry, no. We make a solid effort to get a hold of every disc owner about their lost discs,(so please mark them with your name and number). But at the end of the year we donate them to good causes like local schools, African disc golf courses, and youth clubs. We hold onto them for a fairly long time and can even ship them home if you play here and live far away (with the purchase of a disc online, you can call us or add a note to the order to include your lost n found disc and we’ll ship both to you). If you’re a physical education teacher/educator please send an email to us if you’re interested in getting some for your school. We’d love to help you out with a box if you want them.

              21. Do you have ____________ disc?

              Maybe. You can always search in the search option on our website to see if we have it available. We currently carry Innova, Discmania, Discraft, ThoughtSpace Athletics and MVP/Axiom/Streamline. If you don’t find what you’re looking for you can always call and someone can check for you. Our inventory on our website is always live. So, if you see the disc available online, we have it in the store.

              22. Can you hold a new release disc for me?

              I’m sorry unfortunately we don’t do that at this time. It would devolve quickly into people messaging us asking for more discs to be held than we get in. We try to be as fair as possible and let people know about our releases from our weekly newsletter which you can sign up for at the bottom of our home page. We do offer in store pickup if you order online for Maine residents.

              23. When we come to play at Sabattus, where should we go to eat?

              Depends on what you’re looking for. 
              The Three Robbers great pub fare in Bowdoinham (12 min away).
              Chickadee excellent seafood and more (13 min away)
              Gridiron good sports bar (12 min away)
              Franks Restaurant & Pub classic bar and Italian (9 min away)
              The Settlement gas station restaurant hot and cold options. (4 min away)

              24. I'm travelling and will be in the area where can I camp or stay?

              If camping we recommend the KOA in Freeport or if looking for a great place to stay with quick access to other Maine attractions you can try the Hilton Garden Inn. For more great places in Maine you can read a previous blog Where To Eat & Stay.

              25. What plastic should I get my disc in?

              This is a nuanced question. Come in and talk with someone in the pro shop and we can figure out what works for you. You’ll find a variety of plastics in every player's bag for a number of reasons and like every bag/disc it’s slightly different for every player. General recommendation is to get a premium blend for drivers because you throw them hard and hit trees the most (Champion/Star, ESP/Z Line, S-Line/C-Line, Proton/Neutron) are the brands we carry. Yes, they’re more expensive, but they last significantly longer.

              26. What is the 4 number flight rating system about?

              These numbers tell folks how a disc will fly when released flat. The first number is the speed at which the disc needs to be thrown. Faster discs don’t mean more distance, only that more speed is required. Glide is how long the disc will stay aloft. A big number like 5 or 6 on drivers will mean lots of time in the air. A disc with 1 or 2 will be more of a get down to the ground disc. The third number is the turn, for a RHBH thrower it’s how far right the disc will go. The last number is the Fade, for the RHBH thrower it’s how far left the disc will finish. Don’t worry if these seem confusing at first, it will make sense the more you throw. Soon it will be second nature to you.

              27. Do you guys do doubles night, or leagues here?

              We have had a winters single league on Friday night under the lights (weather dependent) and a random dubs in the summer on Wednesdays at 5:00 as well. Check our Facebook events for more information.

              28. Can I buy a bunch of white star plastic discs from you guys?

              Yes, but you’ll have to find them on our website with some time spent searching. If it’s not busy the person at the register might be able to help. We don’t get shipments in from Innova/Discraft/MVP-Axiom/Discmania of all white discs, it’s a smattering of colors. So, we get what we get and sometimes there’s a handful of white discs, other times none. 

              These are some of the most common questions I’m asked at Sabattus. If there’s any other big questions you can always leave them on our Facebook or @PlaySDG on twitter and I can try to answer them.

              May your discs miss all the trees,

              Andrew Streeter #70397

              Streeter (PGDA #70397 )

              He started disc golfing in 2011 and instantly fell in love with the flight of a disc. He has a degree in Sports Management from the university of Southern Maine and has been blogging for SDG since 2020, He writes about informational disc golf content editorials, and disc golf entertainment.

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